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Our Work

Pivot International currently works with special needs children in Nicaragua

Each year, our team assists approximately 5 children. First, each child is assessed by health professionals and their individual needs are determined. The year after, Pivot International returns to the family with the customized adapted equipment such as a wheelchair, walker and/or orthotics. The family receives a comprehensive training regarding the condition of their child so that improvements continue between Pivot visits!



Pivot International’s mission is to improve the independence, mobility and quality of life of physically disabled children in developing countries. Pivot International pledges to provide adapted equipment, access to medical services and other services as needed.

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All of our projects work towards the goal of improving the everyday lives of children with special needs. Currently our projects take place in various regions of Nicaragua and involve providing equipment, on-site medical services administered by our medical teams and referral to local year-long medical services. Within the coming years, we are planning for our programs to expand to neighbouring countries in Central and South America and eventually worldwide.

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In addition to the hard work of our numerous volunteers and unpaid staff members, most of Pivot International’s funds and support comes from our dedicated and wide-reaching partners, both corporate and non-corporate. Without the constant participation of our partners, Pivot International would not be able to execute its mission effectively and focus on the well-being of so many children.

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Watch the number of smiles in our photo gallery grow as our organization does! Here you will find photos of our projects and see for yourself the effects that adapted equipment can have on a special needs child’s self confidence and happiness.

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Since day one, Pivot International and its founder have received media coverage. Experience our successes with us!

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