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Montreal (Quebec), Canada


You are interested in making a difference for children with disabilities in developing countries? You can get involved by raising awareness about our cause in your own school by creating a CLUB on your campus! These CLUBS organize fundraisers and awareness campaigns in collaboration with our team. All it takes is for a group of students to get together and decide to make a difference for special needs kids in developing countries, starting in their own schools!

The Benefits of Creating a CAMPUS CLUB

  • Special access to promotional materials and information on how to get started;
  • Assigned one-on-one contact with a Pivot International volunteer to answer all your questions and concerns;
  • Information sessions and get-togethers with other CAMPUS CLUBS in your region to exchange ideas and meet new people;
  • Raising awareness and compassion in your school and community to an important issue.

How to Create a CAMPUS CLUB

Creating a CAMPUS CLUB is simple! All you have to do is get a group of interested students together and contact our team at info@pivotinternational.org with:

  1. The name of your school/educational institution
  2. Location of your school/educational institution
  3. Name and contact information of the student responsible
  4. Name of the school faculty member responsible

Someone from our team will contact you shortly to set up and confirm your CAMPUS CLUB registration.

We look forward to working with you!