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Join our team of beloved volunteers!

At this time, Pivot International has no paid staff members, the organization is completely run by people who donate their time and love to our valuable cause.

There are 3 ways (levels) to get involved as a volunteer with Pivot International:

  1. Occasional Volunteer: You will be added to our general volunteer list and contacted whenever we need help during an event or conference, etc. It is up to you to accept or refuse the offer according to your schedule, no time is too little!
  2. Individual Fundraiser: Organize a fundraiser within your school or at your workplace for Pivot International’s projects. We love initiative and no fundraiser is too small. Please inform us through the following form if you intend to conduct such a fundraiser for legal purposes.
  3. Join a Committee: We can always use fresh faces and contacts in our committees (fundraising committee, equipments and partnerships committee), so let us know if you’re interested in taking up a larger dedicated place in the organization.

Fill out the form below to register as a volunteer and choose your desired level of involvement.

To register as a volunteer, please fill out the information below and then press SUBMIT.

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