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Our Team

A talented group of individuals, all of whom dedicate their time and effort without remuneration, have come together to make Pivot International a respectable, effective and caring organization.


Pivot International is run by an incredible team of volunteers who truly believe that every special needs child should have access to equipment and services no matter where they are. These are devoted individuals that have been dedicating their time and hard work to build this organization up to what it is today and the goodwill giant that it will be in the years to come.

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Pivot International was founded in 2014 by Simone Cavanaugh and Marie-Kim McFetridge. Simone and Marie-Kim met in 2012, as Simone was looking for an occupational therapist to help her in her project of bringing a wheelchair and making the positioning adjustments for Milton, a 4 year-old boy with cerebral palsy she had met the year prior during a school-organized humanitarian trip to Nicaragua. The project was such a success that Simone decided to expand her efforts by creating a non-profit organization to help many more special needs kids in Nicaragua and eventually all over the world. This was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Simone and Marie-Kim, leading to the foundation of Pivot International in 2014.

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Pivot International’s board of directors is comprised of distinguished individuals that are experts at what they do. The board oversees the operations of the organization and, in addition to members, makes important decisions as to the direction of our projects and efforts. These members generously donate their time and are crucial to the successful functioning of Pivot International.

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Every year, a team of health professionals travel to Nicaragua to: follow up with the families that have received mobility aids during previous trips, evaluate future ambassadors who would be eligible for a mobility aid during the following year, deliver new pieces of equipment that were prepared during the year, and teach the families how to prevent pressure wounds; how to position adequately the children during meal time; how to take care and manipulate properly the mobility equipment; etc.

Our teams are, for the moment, comprised of occupational therapists, as well as university students studying in this field. We are looking to include in the future health professionals of other disciplines in order to complement our services.

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